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Sitecore: problem with underscores in a url

Modified: 2010/05/10 11:47 by vanthoog - Categorized as: Sitecore
When using sitecore do not use underscores in a url.

We have just noticed a peculiar behavior in Sitecore 6.2.0. When a url contains an underscore, it is not possible to log in into Sitecore! The frontend of the website is functioning without any problems, but when trying to log in you are redirected back to the login page. After such a failed login attempt the log-file contains the following:

5004 11:32:36 INFO  AUDIT (sitecore\admin): Login
5004 11:32:36 INFO  AUDIT (sitecore\Anonymous): Logout

This suggests that after logging you in successfully Sitecore decided to log you out immediately.

We do not know what is causing this, which versions of Sitecore show this behavior and whether it can be fixed. But to avoid this problem it is better not to use underscores in a url.

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