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Creating a "Reverse Proxy" on IIS7 is pretty easy with the "Url Rewrite 2.0" & Application Request Routing modules. This can be used to forward incoming HTTP requests to a back-end Web server.

1. Install both modules (using the Web Platform Installer)
2. Open IIS and select a folder that you want to forward to another server and click the "URL rewrite icon".
3. Select "Add rule" from the "actions" menu
4. Select the "Reverse proxy" from the Inbound and Outbound rules.
5. Enter the name or IP adress of the server where HTTP requests should be forwarded to (this server does not have to be accessible for visitors that can access the server where you are configuring this rule).
6. All request in (and beneath) the specified folder will now be forwarded to the "backend" server but the URL will not change.

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