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Sitecore anonymous user updates content

Modified: 2011/01/11 16:36 by jim - Categorized as: Sitecore
One of our clients had the weird situation where a lot of Sitecore content items appeared to be updated by the user sitecore\Anonymous. Sitecore support replied to our question "Who is sitecore\Anonymous and why is he updating content items" with the following:

The “sitecore/Anonymous” user account is used as a context user by default, when items are changed/created using the Sitecore API. All Sitecore jobs are working using the anonymous user as a context user as well.

Since no one was logging in as sitecore\Anonymous and we checked the content items were not edited using the API we started looking for automated task that would start Sitecore jobs. We tracked down items in the content tree that were modified by sitecore\Anonymous, checked logfile entries with corresponding time stamps and found out that every edit by sitecore/Anonymous coincided with a sitecore job called Unlock or UnlockAll.

This job is started when an editor uses the My Items button in the review Ribbon to Unlock items that were not checked in after editing.

Our client was happy to find out that no Anonymous user could access their content, but they were not happy that they could not see who was the editor of the content items. We advised our client to use the Check in link that is positioned under the Edit link in the Review Ribbon in the Workflow part.

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