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One of our .NET 3.5 Sitecore website solutions suddenly started to throw this error in Visual Studio 2008 when we tried to build it:

"Project file must include the .NET Framework assembly 'WindowsBase, PresentationCore, PresentationFramework'".

After some searching we found out that a .XAML file was included in our sitecore web project (for a media player) and it's build action in Visual Studio was set to "Page" (you can access this setting in the properties windows for a file). After changing the build action to "Content" the error was gone.

An easy way to find a "XAML" that may cause an error is opening the project file with a texteditor and searching for something like:

< Content Include=" Includes\Videoplayer\Wvplayer.xaml " >
< SubType >Designer< /SubType >
< Generator >MSBuild:Compile< /Generator >
< /Content >

You can change this to:
< Content Include="Includes\Videoplayer\Wvplayer.xaml" / >

or even better set the property in Visual Studio.

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