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Default homepage in Kentico

Modified: 2010/09/28 12:13 by jim - Categorized as: 2010, ASP.NET, Csharp, Kentico, Visual Studio
Ran into problems with .NET membership Login control not logging in when executed from the root element in Kentico. After failing to get it to work from the root (login did work from /default.aspx and home.aspx) I decided to try to get Kentico to never be on the root, but always go to /Home.aspx

Here's how to set it up: Go to site manager - web site, select the site you want to set up. Set the default alias path to your homepage (i.e. /Home) Go to URLs and Seo - Choose Redirect document aliases to main URL. The comment with this setting is
If enabled, the document always has only one valid URL and other aliases are redirected to this main URL, for SEO purposes.
Then go to CMS desk, go to the root element of the website, choose the Properties tab, choose URLs, choose Add new alias and set the URL path to your home page document (i.e. /Home).

After this, navigating to the root (/) will redirect you to /Home.aspx

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