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Sitecore 6.2 Rich Text Editor paragraph fix

Modified: 2011/01/25 09:42 by Vincevanm - Categorized as: Sitecore
The following issue occurs in Sitecore 6.2 (and probably in earlier versions):

The default settings will cause the Rich Text Editor to automatically append paragraph tags to the beginning and end of a Rich Text Field. Somehow the P tags will disappear during certain actions like adding a link or pressing enter. This article contains a hotfix for this problem.

Please add the code from the attachment to your solution. Then add the following line to the web.config at the end of the < / convertToRuntimeHtml > element:

< processor type="Project_Library.Hotfix.RTFParagraphTagfix, Project_Library" / >

The first part is the namespace/class reference the second part is the assembly name.

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