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App Themes

Modified: 2008/12/03 19:22 by r.ernst - Categorized as: ASP.NET, Front-end, Visual Studio
Since ASP.NET 2.0 there is a new feature named App Themes:
- Apply consistent styles across all the pages in the website
- Makes the use of CSS more important

Creating an App Themes
1. Add an ASP.NET-Folder "Theme" with stylesheets, skins, images, …
2. Add the Page-attribute “Theme”: < %@ Page Language="C#" Theme="themeName" % >

Relative url’s to images
Store images in the corresponding theme folder and use relative paths while specifing the url in .css or skin file.

use background-image: url("Image1.jpg");
instead of background-image: url("/Images/Image1.jpg");

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