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Kentico: A site works fine in all browsers except IE

Modified: 2014/11/13 15:15 by vanthoog - Categorized as: Kentico
After setting up a new site in Kentico 7 we noticed a peculiar behavior. When requesting a page using Firefox, Chrome or Safari, the page was rendered correctly. However, when requesting the same page using IE (Internet Explorer), Kentico returned a 404 (i.e. "page not found").

It took us some time to find the cause of this problem. But with the help of Fiddler we finally did. In Fiddler we saw that all browsers except IE were sending the cookie CMSPreferredCulture with value "nl-NL", but IE was using the value "en". Based on this info we decided to double check the culture configuration of our site and noticed that it was incorrect. After fixing the culture configuration the problem was gone.

So the message of this post is: if your site does work in one browser but not in another, check the culture configuration of your site.

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