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Kentico: Anonymous blog comments

Modified: 2010/11/24 15:50 by r.ernst - Categorized as: Kentico
The blog module of Kentico has 3 levels: 1. Blog 2. Blog month 3. Blog post

You can add Blog comments on a Blog post items. Blog month items will automatically be created when adding a Blog post in a new month.

You can change the following Blog settings on in the CMS Desk-Form tab of a Blog item: - Moderate comments - Blog moderators (The users or groups who can approve and delete Blog comments) - Use CAPTCHA for comments (To prevent add comment script by hackers) - Allow anonymous comments

When working with templates based on the Kentico Portal engine, anonymous comments will not work after checking the "Allow anonymous comments" field. To get it work, you also have to uncheck the "Check permissions" field in the configuration of the "Comment View" webpart.

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