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WFM fieldtype "date" and the Dutch language

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This article describes how to set up Dutch texts for the labels of the WFM fieldtype "date".

WFM (WebForms for Marketers) contains the fieldtype "date". It shows a date selector consisting of three listboxes. When using the fieldtype "date" in a Dutch site you may notice that the labels contain English texts:

Date selector - English labels

Date selector - English labels

This is not what you want to see in Dutch site; you want Dutch texts.

WFM uses the standard Sitecore dictionary, but it uses it in a special way. All WFM keys in the dictionary are stored with a prefix consisting of the first letter of the key (in uppercase) followed by the string "WFM ". For example, the key for the label day is "DWFM Day" (and not "day").

To set up Dutch texts for the labels of the fieldtype "date" follow these steps:
- Go to the Core database.
- Open the content editor.
- Go to “/sitecore/system/Languages”.
- Verify that the Dutch language exists. If not, add it in exactly the same as it has been defined in the master (and web) database.
- Go to “/sitecore/system/Dictionary”.
- Locate the entries (content items) with the keys “DWFM Day”, “MWFM Month” and “YWFM Year”.
- For these content items create a Dutch version and enter the proper text in the field “Phrase”.

Now if you open the page containing your form, you will see that the date selector contains labels using Dutch texts:
Date selector - Dutch labels

Date selector - Dutch labels

It is however possible that you still see English texts. This is probably caused by caching. The content of the Sitecore dictionary is cached in the file <webroot>\temp\dictionary.dat and this cache file may not have been updated. To enforce an update of this cachefile perform these steps:
- Go to the folder \temp\.
- Delete the file dictionary.dat.
- Recycle the application pool of your website.

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