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Did you know? Sharepoint column names..

Modified: 2009/05/27 10:31 by markbouwman - Categorized as: MOSS, SharePoint
Sharepoint registres each sitewide column individually on every subsite. This also means that the internal name of the column can differ per site in the site collection. The following scenario is one that causes strange problems: When you define a custom field in a list for example "MyField" sharepoint adds it to the list but also registers it as a column in the site where the list is instantiated. If later one you decide you need a content type with a site column in the same site and you happen to also name it "MyField" this at first seems to work. However, internally Sharepoint renames the site column to MyField0 because it clashes with the previous defined listfield "MyField". The problem is that on every other site you use the site column it will be named "MyField". This can cause your code to break in a certain context while in another it seems to work just fine. The only thing you can do about this is delete the fields trough the object model. So watch out with naming column/fields. Do it right the first time otherwise always delete the column/field first before trying to create a new one!

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