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Sitecore does not start up

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A Sitecore website does not seem to startup. The application pool does start up but after a few seconds it does not show any activity. The website never produces any output. Edit

Possible cause

Lucene cannot create its temporary files. Edit


By default Lucene creates its temporary files (called "lucene-*-write.lock") in "c:\windows\temp". If, for whatever reason, it cannot create these files the website will not start up.

It is possible to specify an alternative location for these temporary files by adding the key "Lucene.Net.LockDir" to the section "appSettings" in the web.config:

<add key="Lucene.Net.LockDir" value="D:\www\MyWebsite\Data\LuceneTempxxxx" />

By default this key is missing.

To solve this problem go to the directory in which Lucene tries to store its temporary files and try one of the following:
- Make sure the directory exists.
- Remove all Lucene temporary files (i.e. remove all files called "lucene-*-write.lock").
- Make sure that the account used by the application pool has modify permissions in this directory.
- Make sure that the disk is not full.
- Change the value of the key "Lucene.Net.LockDir" in web.config to another directory (on another disk).

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